For several centuries Anyksciai residents have been cherishing in their memory the most famous family, who lived in the area, and nobleman Nykstys, who fought bravely for his native land and sacrificed his and all his sons’ lives for it.

That is why the name of the family, Nyksciai, suited and remained here, in town: “In the triangle of Anyksta and Sventoji, in front of Sventaragis hill, a developing town was called Anyksciai.” In 1933, 80 years ago A. Vienuolis described a legendary Anyksciai origin connecting it with the family of nobleman Nykstys. Today the legend is still popular.

“There, where Anyksciai town is situated today in the triangle of Sventoji and Anyksta, sometime ago a big nobleman’s Nykstys manor stood on the highest place, on Kalita hill; and not far away, in the hills his protected castle Voruta was built.

Rich and powerful, Mindaugas’ offspring, the ruler of Voruta, nobleman Nykstys was. The land of his manors and forests on both shores of Sventoji stretched far away to the south and north.

Strong and resistant, his castle Voruta used to be. Livonia Order squads often attacked it, people from Pskov used to wander here. It used to resist inner attacks when raging Lithuanian dukes used to lead home wars.

Although the castle was hidden in the hills, it was often attacked by the squads of the Sword Order who came by Sventoji from its riverhead. In the basements of the castle the nobleman used to protect King Mindaugas’ hidden riches, contracts and other his and his own treasures.  A strong crew was constantly on duty in the castle.

The hill of the castle was so well hidden by the nature itself, among hills and woods, far away from strange eyes that even today it is protected from the river and the north by the woods. People say that it is haunted on the hill of the castle.

But as everything comes and ends on earth, the honour and power of Voruta ruler, nobleman Nykstys and his family came and ended.

Years passed and centuries turned. A lot of water flew down Sventoji into the sea. The ruins of nobleman Nykstys’ castle didn’t remain on hill Kalita, only a lonely mound as a saddle with two humps stands in Anyksciai hills…”