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"Fish SPA"

Welcome to our hotel oasis – “Fish SPA”. It’s not only a place where you can relax, but also experience exclusive SPA luxury, inspired by the healing power of living nature.

The “Fish SPA” is a unique micro massage for the feet and hands, where tiny Garra Rufa fish (also known as “doctor fish”) gently remove dead skin cells. This is not only a pleasant treatment, but equally good for your health.


The chess board in the hotel lobby can be a real attraction not only for this game’s enthusiasts, but also for all those who want to enjoy a fun and intelligent pastime. This activity will generate much interest because of its ability to stimulate strategic thinking, help to widen the players’ field of vision and provide a great opportunity to relax. It is a good alternative to other leisure activities in the hotel or a great way to recharge your batteries before exploring the city. It will be both relaxing and intellectually challenging for all those who want to spend their time in a fun and meaningful way.

Outdoor basketball court

The outdoor basketball court on the hotel’s premises is a great way for guests to enjoy physical activities and fun socializing outdoors. It’s not only an opportunity for exercise, but also a chance to spend time with your family or get to know other hotel guests, contributing to community spirit and interaction. It is a great leisure activity that provides not only energy but also good emotions.

Table tennis

Table tennis is a great leisure activity that can attract people of all ages and abilities. It is ideal for both beginners and experienced players and can be a great way to relax after a long journey or a busy day at work. Table tennis encourages competition and cooperation, contributing to a shared experience and a good mood in our hotel.

Arcade machines

Our hotel also has a selection of slot games that are perfect for a good time at any time of the day. Arcade games like the punching bag or basketball machines are a different form of entertainment, allowing our guests to feel unrestricted and providing a wide range of enjoyment.

Fitness gym

Sport is one of the best ways to unwind from everyday stress, cleanse your mind, increase your self-confidence, and maintain a healthy and balanced body. In our gym, you will have access to a broad range of updated fitness equipment designed for various areas of the body.

Hotel guests can use the gym free of charge.


Exciting news in Anykščiai – PICKLEBALL! Fun for the whole family, it’s reminiscent of a blend of outdoor tennis, badminton and table tennis. It will keep you entertained because the rules of pickleball are simple and easy to understand, suitable for both newcomers to the sport and enthusiasts.

The price for pickleball is 8 EUR per hour.

Advance registration is required.
+370 381 58520
+370 655 43379

Outdoor Tennis

Outdoor tennis in Anykščiai is a preferred outdoor activity for both residents and city guests. On the tennis courts, you can escape from your daily worries, as the rhythmic dance of the tennis racket and ball sweeps away every thought.

The price for using the tennis courts is 8 EUR per hour.

Advance registration is required.

Cinema evenings in Anykščiai

Make evenings in a magical environment even more memorable! Make your evenings even more memorable in a magical setting! Every weekend* we invite you to immerse yourself in cinema screenings, with a selection of films suitable for both children and the whole family. The cinema evenings will feature Lithuanian-dubbed cartoons for the little ones, as well as specially selected films suitable for both children and their parents.

Family time is a priceless treasure that we invite you to cherish in our cosy hotel, which is suitable for visitors of all ages. Here, young guests can discover cartoon classics, socialise with their peers, and their parents can enjoy a holiday with a good movie in front of them.

*For more precise information about the movie schedule, please ask at the reception, as the time may change depending on seasonal availability.


Our billiard bar already tried and tested by sports enthusiasts, features two pool tables and on the large TV screen where basketball, football and other sports events are shown. Here, in a warm and cosy atmosphere with good music, there’s an opportunity to host billiard tournaments and other fun events. 

To reserve a table, please call +37065031881.

Mini golf

Entertainment that will suit everyone – both small visitors to the hotel and adults. Here, surrounded by nature, you will find 9 original tracks of various difficulties where you can test your skills. Mini golf will help to escape from the routine, calm your mind and have fun with your family, friends or colleagues.

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