For several centuries, the residents of Anykščiai have kept the legend about the most famous family, that lived in these lands, in their memory. The nobleman Nykštys, who bravely defended his native land from enemies and sacrificed his life and that of all his sons for it. After all, the name of that family — Nykščiai — has adapted to the city and has remained here.

Vienuolis-Žukauskas wrote about the life of the nobles and their greatness:
“Where today the town of Anykščiai is located in the triangle of Šventoji and Anykšta, at the highest point, on KALITA MOUNTAIN. There was once a monumental manor of the nobleman Nykštys, and nearby in the mountains – the castle Voruta, which he protected.”

As mentioned in the written sources, Voruta Castle was attractive but impregnable to enemies. It was valiantly defended by the rulers and protected from all sides by mother nature. “But just as everything here on earth passes and ends, so did the family of the ruler of Voruta, noble Nykštis, its honor and power.” – wrote Vienuolis-Žukauskas.

Centuries have passed since the most glorious times of the noble Nykštys and the name of the ruler is unforgotten. It sounds every time you mention Anykščiai, which is surrounded by natural greenery. The Aukštaitija hotel “Nykščio namai & SPA” is located in them and commemorates the history of Lithuania.

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