Tips for organisers

When organising a conference or a public event in the conference room of the NYKŠČIO NAMAI hotel, there are some important nuances that the organisers should be aware of and pay a little more attention to.

One of the most important things when organising an event is keeping the attention of the audience. Especially in the case of a multi-part event that takes place over several hours. It becomes extremely difficult for the participants to keep their concentration and alert. In this case, coffee breaks are the perfect solution to allow participants to take a moment to relax and chat with colleagues. In addition, these intervals help to ensure proper absorption of information, smooth communication and positive emotions throughout the event.

Another important element is the necessary technical equipment to make the event run smoothly. This may include a sound system, projector, whiteboard, writing instruments and other necessary equipment. Technology is responsible for delivering quality audio and video, ensuring that participants are more engaged in the event. It is also important to consider that an event can take place over several days, not just a few hours. This means that not only will the conference venue need to be organised, but also the amenities and entertainment on the hotel grounds will need to be provided for the participants. At NYKŠČIO NAMAI your event guests will receive:

  • Quality accommodation in relaxation-oriented rooms.
  • Spa services for relaxation after a long conference day and uninterrupted communication.
  • A rich buffet breakfast in our hotel restaurant.
  • A variety of activities, from table tennis or coin games to bowling or billiards, for those who want to create a closer bond with colleagues.

Taking these aspects into account and organising them properly can ensure a successful conference or public event that meets the expectations and needs of participants. Hotel NYKŠČIO NAMAI will take care of the proper serving of coffee and snacks, the operation of the equipment and all the necessary amenities to keep your conference guests satisfied.

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