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The conference hall of the NYKŠČIO NAMAI hotel is located in the cosy Anykščiai Šilelis, open and suitable for a wide range of events. It is an ideal place for multi-day seminars due to the unique possibilities it offers. First of all, the hotel has all the necessary conditions for seminars: comfortable accommodation, a delicious buffet breakfast, a spa for relaxation after intensive sessions and other entertainment that we can offer to your event guests. In addition, the hotel itself is surrounded by unearthly natural beauty. This natural environment invites you to explore every inch of it, ensuring that your mind and body are refreshed and rested from the daily routine. Thus, NYKŠČIO NAMAI is the perfect venue for events, where participants can combine work with relaxation and explore the beauty of the city and nature.

Here are some examples of the type of events you can organise in our conference hall:


From preparing the conference room to organising coffee breaks, the team at NYKŠČIO NAMAI will ensure that your event runs smoothly and leaves a positive impression on everyone involved. You won’t have to search for the necessary equipment or internet connection; we’ll take care of everything. The conference hall of NYKŠČIO NAMAI offers a cosy and comfortable space for up to 100 participants. This guarantees that everyone will feel comfortable during the event and gives you the opportunity to organise various types of conferences without restrictions.


The conference room at NYKŠČIO NAMAI has enough space to organise various types of training. Here you will have the opportunity to combine theoretical sessions with practical ones, with a coffee break in the banquet room of our restaurant. A large number of tables and chairs will allow you to technically implement your event plan and your guests to comfortably spread out over the entire room.


NYKŠČIO NAMAI is built on the site of a former sports complex, so you’ll find everything you could possibly need for a successful active camp. A gym, outdoor basketball and tennis courts, a pickleball court – all of which allow you to organise the various sports competitions and training sessions that are an essential part of sports camps. In addition, the various activities and games that are also available on the hotel’s premises offer the opportunity to spend time in an active and productive way.

We also invite you to organise various kinds of retreats for spiritual practices, meditation camps and other activities to develop spirituality. The hotel, located in the heart of Anykščiai Šilelis, offers a perfect oasis of peace and tranquillity, with an atmosphere ideal for meditation and various spiritual practices. Whether it is a morning or evening practice, participants can immerse themselves in a deep inner experience, enjoying the peace and harmony that this natural environment provides.

Thus, NYKŠČIO NAMAI has an excellent infrastructure suitable for the organisation of various types of camps that promote wellness, activity and team spirituality.

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