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In NYKŠČIO NAMAI, where time knows no bounds, the wind-bent pines drape an unseen veil. The winds that traverse the Anykščiai region carry echoes of past centuries, whispers of the present, and the most delicate threads of the future. When they waltz, they carry with them the mirth of their ancestors, the sagas of ancient civilizations, and the aspirations of generations yet to come. In this place, people gather to feel the wind gently caressing their skin… And in those fleeting moments, they witness a tapestry of stories woven by the wind, where the past, present, and future are but ripples in the eternal flow of time.

The tales birthed here shall rest within the lush grass, rustling leaves, fluffy snow, and raindrops. Let’s create stories so that the wind may carry them to the farthest corners of the Earth, filling our hearts with a profound sense of fulfilment. For in the end, all stories remember those who once lived or are yet to live…


Superior Double Room

The superior double room is a great option for those looking for a stay during a business trip or other business trips
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In a single room, you shall have the opportunity to: submerge yourself in the enchanting world of the written word, spend time with your thoughts, enjoy a good movie, or simply rest in undisturbed serenity.
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Standard double room

Standard double room – decorated in earthy colours, bathed in pleasant daylight, with all amenities, perfect for a cosy stay for two.
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Superior double room

with possibility of 2+2 You'll feel like you're on your honeymoon in a superior double room.
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An outing with friends or family is a time when connections grow stronger, conversations become longer and more relaxed.
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The family-friendly suite is designed for a peaceful time.
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