Layout of the hall

The right seating arrangement can make a big difference to the success of conferences or other events and the experience of participants.

How does it matter?

  • Comfortable seating is essential for participants to feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the event. A good arrangement of chairs ensures that participants do not feel cramped or uncomfortable.
  • Each participant should be able to easily see the speaker, the screen or other important objects to better understand the information being presented. This may mean that chairs should be arranged so that the view is clearly visible from any point in the room.
  • If the people present need to be able to communicate with each other, the arrangement of chairs can facilitate group work or discussion. This may include small group tables, round seating or even chairs that are easily movable, allowing for orientation to other participants if necessary.
  • The arrangement of chairs should be such that everyone can easily enter the room without blocking the exit. It is also important that participants have sufficient space to move around and reach their seats safely.

What chair layouts do we recommend:

The conference room at NYKŠČIO NAMAI Hotel offers a choice of several layouts to suit your needs. Whether it’s the theatre style, which is perfect for various lectures and public presentations, or the U-shaped layout, which is the ideal environment for conferences and meetings with business partners, we can offer you the most suitable option. The third layout option, the classroom style, is the perfect choice for open discussions, training sessions or seminars, providing space to move around and interact comfortably. Last but not least, our layout choice, Conference Style, is ideal for classic conferences with presentation options that focus participants’ attention.

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